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Protect Pipe Fork Creek since January of 2020 I have been volunteering with the Williams Community Forest Project (WCFP) to Protect Pipe Fork creek at the headwaters of the East Fork of Williams creek a tributary to the Applegate and then Rogue River. Josephine County has proposed a timber sale along the creek that would clear cut 160 acres of this critical and rare ecosystme. This creek provides the Williams valley with 50% of its water and is the home to the most eastern stands of Port Orford Cedar as well as home to rare and endangered species like the spotted owl, kingfishers, and martens. Learn more here and sign our petition to designate the Pipe Fork Creek as Wild and Scenic. 

Upper RNA Creek (1).jpg
Tall Falls.jpg

Pictured Pipe Fork Creek, Williams, Oregon. Photo Credit Kevin Peer. 

Please check out for more simple at home activism opportunities. 

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