Love your Lymph

The lymphatic system is essentially our immune system; a stream that flows when we move or receive touch and brings our own healing powers to the places where we need it. In Sanskrit and Ayurveda, it is called Rasa meaning the river of life. Cultivating awareness and conscious relationship to the Lymphatic system is an excellent path towards improving or maintaining our health.
In this workshop, we will combine guided meditation, breathwork, postures, plant allies and utilize a Japanese tool called a Gua-Sha to create an experience where we can deeply connect with our river of life and begin to expand our self-care tool kit. This workshop is inspired by the work of DeAnna Batdrof founder or the Dhyana Center in Sebastopol, California and will be facilitated by Clair Highfield.

$30 early bird $40 after 

November 9th from 3 pm-6 pm  Williams, OR 97544. Register


November 23rd (time TBD) at Sundance Healing Arts SE 220 H St, Grants Pass, OR 97526.