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New Openings In Grants Pass Available Tuesdays 12:30 pm & 2 pm


 Special: 8 Sessions for $250


These more personalized sessions are an excellent option for people new to yoga, working through injuries, training for a special event or adventure and for those who want or need special attention.


If you are dealing with limitations or injuries; one on one sessions can assist you in developing your practice. With personalized assistance, you can begin to understand your unique needs and how to appropriately modify your movements and postures to receive the most benefits from your yoga practice.


Small group classes can provide more attention to each student, build community, and be fun. Students appreciate the comfort of knowing their fellow yogis off the mat and outside of class whether its neighbors, co-workers, friends or family members. These semi-private classes can be scheduled at a time and location that can make a regular practice more accessible to the group. 

To schedule your private or small group session email Clair.

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